Welcome to the website of Surface Coatings Association Australia Inc. (SCAA).
The term "Surface Coatings" includes:

  • Paint
  • Printing Ink
  • Adhesives

The Association caters for the Scientific and Technical employees of manufacturers and suppliers involved in these industries. SCAA activities are also of broad appeal to technical staff working in the plastics, ceramics, cosmetics and textile industries, as well as catering for applicators and end users in these various industries.
This site has been structured to provide an informative overview of the Surface Coatings Association Australia and its activities in the areas of formal and informal Coatings education, technical training and professional development.


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See Future Activities section for details of important Dangerous Goods Seminars in Melbourne and Sydney


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This section provides information on:

  • Journal Index - a comprehensive index of all articles and features which have appeared in "Surface Coatings Australia" from 1988 to 2008.
  • Updates to the Raw Materials Index which was published in 2004.
  • Professional Grading information and Application form.
  • SCAA occasionally negotiates special arrangements with external suppliers. These will appear in the Members' Section.




Any SCAA member who proposes a new member will receive a $50 voucher when the application is accepted, and on receipt of the necessary fees.

The proposer must be a financial member, and the new member should not have been a member of the Association within the previous three years. 

The voucher will be in the form of a gift card for a national retail organisation. Limit 2 per year for any one member.


Please note that members of Council, its committees and Section committees are not eligible for this incentive.


The Association produces:

  • Bi-monthly journal featuring industry news and technical articles which is distributed, free of charge, to all members.
  • Monthly eNewletter emailed to all members
  • Raw Materials Index … a guide to the raw materials and services available for the Surface Coatings and allied industries in Australia.
  • Two volume textbook produced in Australia, covering raw material usage, paint manufacture and application. 
  • To view a sample copy of the Association's Monthly Journal - "Surface Coatings Australia"  Click Here
APMF Standards American Coatings Association
18 and 19 September 2014
Subject: 54th Annual Conference - INNOVATE TO SURVIVE.
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Tuesday March 18th @ 6pm
Subject: Annual Section Meeting.
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19th May 2014 @ 9.30 am
Subject: Technical Meeting ASM and Enhancement of Coatings with Nanotechnology.
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