National Board

Surface Coatings Association Australia is run by a National Board which is comprised of a National Executive (President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Membership Secretary) and State run Sections based in capital cities. Each Section nominates two delegates to the Board.

In addition, Chairmen of other Council committees also sit on the Board. These committees are Strategic Planning, RMI, Technical Education, Professional Grading, Constitution and Rules, Standards, Publications and Internet, Memorial Trust, Privacy, Textbook and Conference committees.

The National Board meets four times a year, generally in February, May, August and November.

Each Section holds an Annual Section Meeting for election of office bearers, usually in March and the Annual General Meeting of the Association is held in the home state of the current President, generally in May.

The National President is elected at the Annual Conference for a period of two years and Section Chairmen are elected at each Section’s Annual Section Meeting for a period of one year.

Constitution History

From 1946 until 31 December 1967 the Oil and Colour Chemists' Association, being an organisation established in the United Kingdom in 1918 for the fostering of the technology of surface coatings, was represented in Australia through Sections and Branches.

The organization styled Oil and Colour Chemists' Association Australia came into being as an independent unincorporated association on 01 January 1968. Incorporation under the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 of South Australia was effected on 26 September 1986.

In 1989 the Association’s name was changed from Oil and Colour Chemist' Association Australia to Surface Coatings Association Australia Inc to describe more accurately the diverse interests and activities of the members, and the Association was registered as such under the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 of South Australia on 20 October 1989. A new Constitution and Rules reflecting the changed name of the Association was approved 05 December 1989 and the Association began to operate under this Constitution and Rules on 1 January 1990.

In April 2003, the Objects, Constitution and Rules of the Association were revised to reflect changes in operating procedures and these took effect in August 2003. Further changes to specific details have been made as a result of referenda in 2005, 2007 and 2010.

As of May 2016, SCAA reached another milestone in the Constitution and Rules project with the revised Constitution being presented and passed unanimously by Council for a second time. This means there is a new Constitution ready for distribution to the Members along with a ballot paper for a Referendum.

SCAA Constitution PDF