Overview & History

The Surface Coatings Association Australia Inc. (SCAA) is a not-for-profit membership organisation which aims to further the understanding and development of the technology of Surface Coatings in Australia.

To achieve this aim, it brings together individual members who are involved in the supply of raw materials and the end users of these materials in the manufacture of paint, printing ink, and adhesives.

  • SCAA is not an industry body but is made up of individual members from within these industries.
  • Currently, the Association has a membership of 500 nationally as well as a number of members from the Asia Pacific region.
  • An important aim of the Association is to promote education in the technical aspects of surface coatings. This is approached in a number of ways:
  • The Association is run by a National Board which is comprised of an Executive and Board members representing State run Sections based in the mainland capital cities. These Sections arrange meetings and seminars throughout the year where members can meet and discuss all aspects of the industry.
  • SCAA has established ties with related associations overseas through its membership of Coatings Societies International (CSI) which includes delegates from associations of coating technologists from the U.S.A. (FSCT), United Kingdom (OCCA), Europe (FATIPEC), Scandinavia (SLF), Japan (JSCM), New Zealand (SCANZ), Argentina (SATER) and Venezuela (STAR), join with SCAA to make up this body. The CSI members bring to one table a single voice in coatings technology affairs in the international marketplace.
  • The Association's activities include both educational and social functions. Each State Section has its own committee and is responsible for the management of operations and activities within the Section. Look under "Sections" for current State Section activities.


imageThe forerunner to SCAA, the Oil and Colour Chemists Association Australia (OCCAA), started in Australia in 1968, after previously establishing branches of the U.K. Oil and Colour Chemists Association. In 1990 the change of name to Surface Coatings Association Australia Inc. was implemented to describe more accurately the diverse interests and activities of the members. This table shows a timeline of important events in the history of the association:


Oil & Colour Chemists Association (OCCA) formed in London UK.

1918 - 1946

Australian participants in the Coatings industries became "Overseas" members of OCCA


A.R. Penfold presented petition to Council of OCCA on for the formation of an Australian Section


Australian Section of OCCA formed. Based in Sydney, with branches in NSW and Victoria.


South Australian Branch formed


"OCCA Review" newsletter published by NSW Branch


State branches became individual Section of OCCA

Victorian Branch publishes "Victorian OCCA News"


Victorian Branch commences delivery of Paint Technology course under the supervision of London based "City & Guilds".


Queensland Branch of the NSW Section formed in Brisbane


NSW Section hosts Technical Exhibition


Inaugural Australian Convention held at Leura, NSW

Queensland Branch becomes a Section of OCCA in its own right

Western Australian members form a branch of South Australian Section

1959 - 1960

Australian Sections united under an Australian Federal Committee


Second Australian Convention held at Warburton, Victoria

Inaugural meeting of Australian Federal Committee


Western Australian Branch accepts "Section" status


Australian OCCA "Proceedings and News" first published - replaced Victorian OCCA News


OCCA Australia (OCCAA) established as an independent Association


"Surface Coatings - A Complete Handbook of Paint Technology" published by OCCAA, the APMF and NSW University Press

1983 - 1984

Surface Coatings - 2nd Edition published as a 2 volume set


"Proceedings and News" renamed "Surface Coatings Australia"


Incorporated under Associations Incorporation Act of South Australia


OCCA Australia name changed to Surface Coatings Association Australia